Get Awakened Conference

Get Awakened

The Field of Awakening is delighted to announce its

first International Conference

“Get Awakened”

Bringing together

Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall

President of the International NLP Trainers Association

Dr. Nandana Nilsen

President of the International association of Coaching Institutes

Dr. Karl Nilsen

President of the International association of NLP Institutes

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

President of IN/ICI in Egypt

Sara Campbell

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Other speakers will share their experience and expertise on a range of topics.

Place : Mövenpick Hotel Cairo Pyramids.

Dates : From 13th to 15th December.

Time : From 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Fees : 3900 L.E

Early bird : 3400 L.E.
(until 17th November)

Registration is now open.

Fees include breakfast, lunch and beverages.

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Get to know our other speakers,

Bashar Alsafadi

Bashar is an internationally accredited Integral Coach, Master Trainer and Facilitator. He brings with him over 35 years of diversified work experience in corporate business management, personal and organizational development. Bashar’s work is expansive and includes projects in the Middle East, Europe, the Far East, the USA and South America. He is specially noted for his expertise in the areas of designing and facilitating learning programs, thematic workshops, team and executive coaching.

Conscious Business – Profit in Oneness, Profit for Life

While businesses are the biggest source of some of our world’s most challenging problems, they also offer the greatest hope and potential to help solve these problems. Therein lies an amazing opportunity to break through and upend the status quo by adopting a new, conscious business model that creates prosperity and flourishing for all.

This session is intended to support business people in developing both the awareness and skills to consciously evolve themselves and their organizations, in service of life.

Bassant El-Menshawy

“Empowering people and helping them to overcome their tough times and to realize their dreams is my passion in life.”

I have dedicated the past 4 years to studying NLP, Reiki, Family Constellation and many other holistic therapies to have as many tools as possible to be able to serve my clients to achieve the life they want by discovering whatever is holding them back. Being in the field of human development and holistic therapy made me realise that each and everyone of us has the ability to achieve what he/she wants in life.

I’m certified in the following:

NLP Practitioner, INLPTA

Systemic Coach, The Center, UK

Family Constellation Facilitator, The Center, UK 

Student at Hellinger School for Family Constellation, Germany

Integrative Coach, ICI

Reiki Master, HRDA

Quantum Touch Practitioner

Cosmic Power Practitioner, Hellinger School, Germany

Iman Mandour

Always a seeker, always a learner…

Iman is an internationally accredited coach passionate about receiving and giving knowledge. She is certified as an Organization & Relationship Systems Coach, NLP practitioner and trainer, Systemic Constellator for families and organizations. Iman’s passion and core work is helping people achieve the best of what they can be by getting in-touch with their inner selves, patterns and systemic entanglements.

Khaled Elsherbini

Dr. ElSherbini is a cofounder and CEO of Horizon Consulting Group, a full-fledged Strategy and Innovation consultancy house based in both Cairo and Stuttgart. The group serves as Senior Executive Consultants in the areas of strategic management, technology strategy, product development, innovation management, and R&D management.

Dr. ElSherbini also teaches as a part time assistant professor of engineering and sustainable energy at the American University in Cairo and an assistant professor of innovation and technology management at the German University in Cairo. He is also a founding board member of ECASTI (The Egyptian Center for Advancement of Science, Technology, and Innovation) an Egyptian NGO seeking to enhance Egypt’s position in science, technology, and innovation.

Dr. ElSherbini obtained his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo, his Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the American University in Cairo, his Doctorate degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from West Virginia University, and his MBA degree in strategic management and innovation and technology management from the German University in Cairo.

Dr. ElSherbini has over 24 years of experience in research and development, technology management, strategic management, and teaching in the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, China, and in Egypt, and is specialized in Strategic Management, Corporate restructuring, Sustainability and Renewable Energy, Technology Transfer, and Innovation and Technology management. During the course of his professional career, Dr. ElSherbini has spearheaded teams in the fields of: mechanical engineering and machine design, mechatronics and handling systems, satellite and aerospace sciences, automotive industry, electromagnetics, solar energy, wind energy, and grinding and polishing technologies.

Dr. ElSherbini has participated as a scientist, technologist, and director in several major technology projects over the last two decades, including the design of the first Egyptian remote sensing satellite with Ukrainian experts, the complete technology transfer of a 1.65 MW wind turbine technology from Spain, the design of an Egyptian solar water heater, the design and application of US patented printed circuit board antennas in the USA, and the design of numerous sophisticated manufacturing machines and mechatronic handling systems with German, Swiss, and Chinese counterparts.

Dr. ElSherbini has also built from scratch two R&D teams in major Egyptian industrial organizations, one of which became the largest and most active industrial R&D department in Egypt.

Mohamed Wadeed

is a psychologist and a life coach, deeply passionate about supporting people to embrace life. His concept of “embracing life” has helped many Egyptian individuals, families and corporates to unleash their potentials, transfer their lives for the better and realize the importance of coexistence.
Wadeed has embarked on a career in coaching and marriage and family counseling He serves clients since 2009 on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: work-life-balance, effective communication in the workplace and in life, alternative routes in managing oneself and the overall wellbeing. Prior to counseling, Wadeed had an ample experience of university and school teaching in USA; where he discovered that his passion surpasses changing his students’ intellectuality to helping people live a better life.
He is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association. Served at the American University in Cairo counseling center and consulted Etisalat Egypt to improve their employees’ productivity
Wadeed`s methodology has been greatly influenced by the eastern philosophy including mindfulness and meditation. He writes for Mother & Child and What Women Want magazines on parenting and marital counseling. Additionally, he has an extensive media outreach on several TV and Radio programs, in which he fosters the humanistic element in counseling and management.
– Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Rhode Island College, USA
– Master Degree in Philosophy, Cairo University, Egypt
– Master Karuna Reiki healing meditation,The international Center of Reiki Training, USA

Noha Daader

Dr. Noha Daader is a University Doctor Specialized in the Interdisciplinary areas of linguistics, psychology as well as sociology. Being in the field of Education and research for more than twenty years, for her, it was one manifestation of her main interest; the human journey of growth and evolving consciousness.
She participated in many cultural institutions and NGOs.
She has also Integrated this rich Academic and cultural experience with other Areas of knowledge very relevant to her main interest in spirituality and consciousness. Now Dr Noha is also a Reiki & NlP Master as well as a certified coach and trainer. Integrating academics and research with more hands on experiences of growth and enlightenment is one of her main concerns.
Dr. Noha is also a Mother of three young people who major in different specializations and yet, they all studied NLP and two of them studied Reiki. The Family has shared an inspiring journey of collective growth that she considers to be her most inspiring experience. One of her Dreams is to be able to convey some of the enlightening aspects of her personal as well as academic background to parents. Lately, she has Introduced her program: “The Love Garden”which is designed to inspire Life coaches, therapists, parents, couples throughout their journey towards a higher level of consciousness.
“The journey of Love in Coaching”
Is a short session shedding light on the internal process of healing as a breakthrough towards a more spacious field of love and enlightenment
It is a call for coaches to gain insight into the journey of their client as well as integrating their own personal growth very much resonating with their role as guides for others throughout this very unique dual journey.