Walls Can Feel Too

After taking care of your body energy, let’s take it to a new level where you can provide a better life for the ones you love most back at home. Now it is possible to diagnose and harmonize the energy system you live and work in. You can enhance buildings performance by discharging any unnecessary charges.

“Walls can feel.. too” workshop is to sense the energy of spaces, measure the energy quality, and discover how buildings react to emotions and thoughts.

This workshop is designed based on various energetic techniques and studies to be able to:

1) consider the energetic side of your home.
2) keep your home healthy by doing the required maintenance.
3) furnishing the spaces according to the needed function.
4) measure and discover the spots of strength in your home.
5) feel colors.. the suitable color for every function.
6) discharge unneeded energies in workspaces.
7) utilize natural elements at home in a right way.

it is time to feel your home and start listening to it.