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Journey of Awakening

Journey of Awakening

A Journey Program is a series of modules in a certain learning track that takes you from the starting point and forward, one extra step at a time to let you immerse fully in the experience, knowledge and practice of that on-going program. Every Journey Program is especially designed with full consciousness to guide you in every step with the required knowledge, skills to be acquired and/or practices to be experience.



Our workshops are designed to engage participants in conscious-raising activities to help them awaken and develop specific areas in their lives. While our workshops don’t necessarily require participants to have attended any of our on-going programs, it opens up a chance for them to discover new and existing patterns in their lives and handle some in an interactive environment with presence and consciousness.



We offer one-to-one sessions in diverse areas of healing where our coaches and practitioners are devoted to provide a safe and secure environment where your needs are addressed with full presence. Together you focus on the challenges in your life that you are ready to work on, whether it be mental, physical wellbeing, family, relationships, career…etc.

About The Fiel of Awakening

The Field of Awakening is a contemporary school of awakening consciousness that aims to guide people to awaken the enlightened essence within, serving individuals and entities through different modalities & activities.

Our unique approach to awaken consciousness makes The Field of Awakening not only a school of thought – but also an experiential life journey.

Here at The Field of Awakening, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with a variety of services. 

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