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Corporate Awakening Journey

Corporate Awakening Journey In business, we interact with others in order to provide services to our clients, customers, colleagues and employees. Recent studies indicate that failure in the business environment, at both a personal and organizational level, is principally associated with ineffective communication and relational skills. In other words, the more effectively we can communicate with ourselves first and with others, the more rewarding the Experience will be.

Moreover, the business success comes from having the skills and personal congruence required to go beyond “normal” expectations, break through past performance barriers and find out the means to this success. Many thriving organizations already understand that sustained peak performance – at the team level – must be merged with an ongoing effective personal development framework – at the individual level. This merge is where the profound impact of Corporate Awakening Journey programs:

  • Enneagram for corporate program 
  • NLP (A Journey to Excellence) Program 
  • Corporate workshops
  • Introductions sessions  

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Corporate Awakening Journey