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Enneagram Diploma – Module 1

The Field Online is pleased to announce its forthcoming Enneagram Diploma Online – Module1
By: Nada Abdel Moneim & Dina El-Badry
Dates: 5 – 8 Feb. 2021 – Online: via Zoom
Time: 5 – 10 PM
for reservations: 0101 998 1577

In this course, you will learn:

• Deep understanding of the Three Brains that control our thoughts/feelings & behaviors.
• Learning how to effectively solve any conflict between your Mind, Heart & Body.
• Embodying the Enneagram Symbol (The Law of 1, The Law of 3 & The Law of 7) to connect with its Essence in Life.
• Effectively knowing your typology “ENNEAGRAM TYPE”, your Ego Fixation & your Thought, Emotion & Behavior patterns.
• Learning more about yourself and your motivation & de-motivation strategies.
• The ability to know the motives of the people around you and understand why they do what they do.
• Understanding the Human Behavior on a deeper level.
• Practicing effective Mental, Emotional & Somatic techniques to move from suffering to Awakening in any stuck situation.
• Diving deep to awaken Unconditional Love to self & others “according to your Type”.
• Communicating effectively & influencing others based on their Enneagram Type.
• Enhancing Performance at work & having a _ Wider Vision_ of the possibilities for growth.
• Creating healthier environment at home after knowing the Dynamics between Types.
• Practicing Spiritual Awakening Meditations to channel Holy Ideas & Virtues to re-connect with your True Self & GOD.

Important note about Enneagram diploma online:
You will get a certificate of attendance at the end of this diploma
the two modules of the online diploma count 40 Hrs. from an actual 48 Hrs. needed to accredited in DIPLOMA level.
The remaining 8 HRS will be conducted separately as a paid practice day for whom wants to be accredited, which allows you to directly join the PRACTITIONER level

About instructors:
Nada Abdel Moneim Psychotherapist or ( Marriage & Family Therapist )
Nada is the Field of Awakening’s psychotherapist, and a mentor at the Field of Awakening & Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy Personal Mastery Program in Egypt.
Passionate about the human soul, Nada has expanded her studies and combines different healing techniques. She is a certified NLP practitioner & coach, a certified Enneagram teacher and a certified Reiki Master.Nada has widened her horizon deeply exploring the journey of human consciousness. She combines both her knowledge and intuition to help her clients create a more fulfilling life, become the best version of themselves, and truly connect to their true essence as unlimited divine beings.
Nada holds a BA in Psychology from the American University in Cairo, and holds a Master’s degree from CalSouthern University specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.
BA in Psychology from AUC
Master of Arts in Psychology, specifically Marriage and Family Therapy,
NLP Practitioner,
Enneagram teacher,
Reiki Master

Dina ElBadry is a Enneagram Master coach & CP Accredited professional
She is an Electronic and communications Engineer from Cairo university, who spent some years as an entrepreneur.
Found her passion in spirituality teachings and studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), Reiki, Enneagram & Coaching at The Field of Awakening


The event is finished.


Feb 05 - 08 2021


5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Zoom Meeting


Zoom Meeting


Nada Abdel Moneim

Other Organizers

Dina El-Badry

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