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Enneagram meaning

The Enneagram is an ancient system in psychology that describes why people are the way they are. It provides a uniquely detailed picture of the whole personality, and the pressures that generate it. For everyone it identifies their natural strengths

& motivations as well as their limitations and challenges.

The Enneagram is typology science. It’s history goes back to the 4th century.

Ennea means 9.

Gram means diagram.

Used as a map of awakening.

Enneagram in Egypt

Enneagram Course / DiplomaThe Field of Awakening is an International Enneagram Association (IEA) accredited school.

One of the leading institutes around the world with three accreditations:

  1. Accredited school
  2. Accredited Programs
  3. Accredited teachers

Our unique approach to awaken consciousness makes The Field of Awakening more than just a school of thought – it’s an experiential life journey.

Our unique approach that mix the science of Enneagram with spirituality that makes us different

Here at The Field of Awakening, we offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with a variety of support and services. Ever since we got our start in 2016, our team members have been pushing the extra mile to give our students the resources needed to grow in awakening and consciousness.

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Enneagram Course / Diploma

When you’re in a leading position, it’s normal to face some social conflicts. Learn to teach people how to make an impact, how to change for the better or adapt to change, resolve conflicts rather than avoiding them and much more!

Enneagram Diploma is one of the best tools that will help you learn to lead as a teacher rather than a preacher, to understand the personality of each one of your team members, and inspire them to unleash their potential where it needs to go, for a better leadership, team management or even parenting.

If you take the Enneagram Personality test, you will probably feel like you’re all of the nine types. However, The Enneagram track is not only limited to a personality test, it’s what comes after that that matters to The Field of Awakening of School.

With the Enneagram Track, you will discover more of both your abilities and limitations by figuring out what your dominant personality type is and working on magnifying all the healthy treats you have that would be very useful for your life path!

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Enneagram Benefits

Knowledge of self and the motivations of others can improve communication and tolerance, leading groups to work together more compatibly. Emotional intelligence is improved, and employees will be more satisfied in their work environment and enjoy improved relations with their colleagues.

When you know Enneagram, you understand your fixations, motivations & you learn to be the best version of yourself and it improve your relationships.

The Enneagram is a powerful and deep Typology system and self-development tool that helps understand our mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. It provides a uniquely detailed picture of the whole personality. It identifies the natural strengths of your personality & motivations as well as limitations and challenges.

  • Enneagram improve Managerial Effectiveness
  • Enneagram helps you to give impact on others.
  • Enneagram teach you how to adapt style to situational demands
  • Enneagram improve the quality of life and effectiveness
  • It also helps you in self-acceptance and self -Love.
  • Enneagram teach you to be who you are. Not who others want you to be
  • It expands your capabilities & helps you to make better choices in life
  • Enneagram is your key to discover parts of yourself that have been like buried treasures or unopened gifts

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Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram personality test is a one to one 75 to 90 mins interview that helps you see what you are most probable ‘type’ is among nine options and it’s usually a self-discovery journey by itself. It takes you through a set of questions that touches on your whole lifetime span. The questions will be covering many contexts in our lives, personal or work related.

The questions may touch on personal aspects of your life, so feel free not to answer specific questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering as our intention is to respect your boundaries. The interviewer may need to ask more questions that are specific in order to help you through the process. There is no better or worse type.

The interview might end up with one or two probable “types” and the interviewer will share with you after the interview the detailed descriptions of those probable types.

Book your personality test / Enneagram Test Online or at The Field of Awakening Now.

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Enneagram Types

Enneagram type 1:

The Perfectionist

Enneagram type 4 :

The Romantic

Enneagram type 7 :

The Epicure

Enneagram type 2:

The Giver

Enneagram type 5 :

The Observer

Enneagram Type 8:

The Protector

Enneagram type 3:

The Performer

Enneagram type 6 :

The Loyalist

Enneagram type 9:

The Mediator

Enneagram Course JOURNEY MAP


2 Modules
6 Full days  in-class
Prerequisite: To advanced to Practitioner level
Consciousness Diploma


6 Modules
18 Full days  in -class 
7 Full days in -class
Prerequisite: To advanced to Master level
Masters Foundation

On-Line Diploma

2 Modules
8 days (40 hours online ) + 1 Innerwork day in-class

On-Line Practitioner

6 Modules
18 days ( 90 hours online + 6 Innerwork days in-class 
5 Full days in-class