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Know Your Personality Type

The Enneagram is an ancient system in sacred psychology that describes why people are the way they are. It provides a uniquely detailed picture of the whole personality, and the pressures that generate it. For everyone it identifies their natural strengths as well as their limitations and challenges.

Although the Enneagram is very accurate in describing the personality characteristics and tendencies, more importantly it unveils the underlying core emotional needs that generate each person’s personality. These ego needs are often unconscious, yet they act as the driving, patterned force that determines every aspect of your personality.

In providing a comprehensive understanding of your personality, the Enneagram allows you to step out of your world and see yourself objectively. It enables you to finally see you as others see and experience you. The insights it reveals about you, your partner, and everyone you know will be profound – unveiling each of you at your core. And yet, the Enneagram is such a simple system and easy framework to learn.



2 Modules
6 Full days  in-class
Prerequisite: To advanced to Practitioner level Consciousness Diploma


6 Modules
18 Full days  in -class 
7 Full days in -class
Prerequisite: To advanced to Master level
Masters Foundation

On-Line Diploma

2 Modules
8 days (40 hours online ) + 1 Innerwork day in-class

On-Line Practitioner

6 Modules
18 days ( 90 hours online + 6 Innerwork days in-class 
5 Full days in-class